Scientists for our future

We have to do more to protect the climate and preserve our natural resources. Scientists have compiled weighty arguments and formulated them in a statement as Scientists for Future. I support this statement.

It is hard to make predictions, especially when only a single and complex world is available, but the underlying effects are well known and studied. The climate is related to an integral balance and not to details, such as the local weather. It is about how much liquid is in the glass and not, if it is for example filled with sparkling water with apple juice, where which bubble rises. That is why long-term estimates are possible. When I look back, I look with respect at the temperature data of the ice cores. What privileged time we have. Our climate has been very stable for several thousand years and has not been disturbed by Heinrich events and other serious climate changes.

In the sense of scientific discourse, doubters need to question the claims. They are essential for examining the hypotheses, but they will not give up their critical stance and therefore, cannot be convinced, as Philip Kitcher explains in his essay Toward a Pragmatist Philosophy of Science. I see climate doubters in their relatively small numbers as a quality feature and as support for the argument of global warming.

It is known among physiotherapists that it is not the perpetrators who scream, but the victims. In this context, the Fridays for Future movement is a sensitive warning signal. The perpetrators who are still silent are more likely to be found in the area of intangible wealth. It is time for us to shape our future together and use our resources wisely.

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